In addition to being fun and rewarding, obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog. A well trained dog makes for both a happier dog and household.

This is because a well trained dog knows what is expected of him / her and therefore requires fewer restrictions, and is able to better interact with family and guests.

A well trained dog is able to enjoy more freedom within the house because they know their place "In the pack". This is important because dogs are descended from various species of pack animals. They do not run on pure instinct but are intelligent and self-aware and require a certain degree of structure.

The training process achieves many goals chief among which is strengthening the bond between you and your dog, through the building of understanding and mutual respect.

A dog MUST understand its place in the family, and proper technique will demonstrate that you're the leader of the pack.

In addition to making general play and future training more fun, having a well trained dog just makes good sense.

Without proper training, a dog is likely to misbehave. This is irritating for you and potentially dangerous to the dog and passers-by depending on the level of aggressiveness of the breed.

A well trained dog should, at minimum, heel by their owner, come and stay on command although many breeds are capable of much more.

Training can become a rewarding activity for you and your four legged friend by working towards obedience certificates in the ring at matches typically held in conjunction with conformation shows.

The CD (Companion Dog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) and UD (Utility Dog) designations can be earned over time.

Depending on the breed, working certificates related to retrieving, field and herding, among other activities may also be available.

I conduct group and individual instruction from beginner to advanced levels.

I also conduct handling and and junior handling classes.